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Lying Mirrors

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I was going through some of my previously written stuff to try to overcome my writer’s block and I found this. This was written a few months ago when my battle with anorexia had resumed (It’s now under control for a while…but don’t know how long it will last. I can only remain so strong…) and I really wanted to share it. Maybe use it as a sort of healer? It’s called LYING MIRRORS.

Mirrors don’t lie.

They’re not supposed to, but she swears this one is lying.

That image looking back at her isn’t her. It can’t be.

She never used to be that skinny, that weak. She’s muscular, bordering on fat, and strong.

Her eyes aren’t that hollow with dark circles under them. They’re not that lifeless. No. Her eyes are bright and shiny. They’re full of life and humour.

Her arms aren’t that skinny. They’re muscular…able to lift a hundred pounds.

Her waist isn’t that tiny. It wasn’t fat, but it certainly wasn’t tiny. Never had been. It’s a stocky waistline and one that she had always been half content with.

Her abs certainly aren’t that flat. No, they were a little flabby (which she hated, but accepted) and they ever so slightly draped over her belt.

That’s certainly not her smile. Her teeth aren’t discoloured and her smile isn’t that full of pain and hurt.

Her hair is long and luxurious, unlike the string-like hair that is falling out in clumps each time she brushes it.

She’s the one in control, unlike that person staring back at her. That person is weak. That person is not her. It can’t be.

She’s not relapsed.

The mirror says she has.

But, mirrors aren’t supposed to lie.


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September 4, 2011 at 17:48

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